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I have ordered Chekku Oil at varam last week dated 20/12/2017 and got impressed with their delivery message notifications comparing to competitors with free shipping.The Oils i received is of Great taste & of High Quality which i have ever witnessed. I rate Varam Oils as Best Cold pressed chekku Oil in Chennai.

I was looking to go organic and buy marachekku ennai/Cold Pressed Oil (groundnut ennai , coconut oil and gingelly ennai/sesame oil) in chennai.I bought marachekku ennai/wood Pressed Oil in online shopping from Varam shop.The Marachekku ennai was very thick and tasty.

Have ordered wood pressed groundnut oil,gingelly and coconut oil yesterday in chennai. Both the cold pressed chekku oils / chekku oil were of great quality and were delivered on time.I have tried multiple cold pressed or wood pressed oils online.But i have never come across quality of Varam. Please keep up the great work and quality.

Great Chekku Oil Store .Will come back..Top class chekku oil & Organic pure cow ghee to buy from varam in chennai

Ordered Good Cold Pressed Pure Chekku Oils & Organic cow ghee at lowest price and got it delivered on time.

Very Good,neat & clean Chekku oil & Organic cow ghee in adyar.Excellent customer service.

Fresh Aroma welcomes the consumer..Recommends everyone to try this chekku oil

I bought cold pressed Coconut oil and sesame oil from varamshop online.I got messages on each status update of my order.The packaging and delivery of the chekku oils were excellent.Great Job. Keep up the good work.

Great Keep it up .Best online shopping organic website at lowest price in market for all chekku oils ,cow ghee & dals.

Impressive Chekku oil ,pure cow ghee looks good and great..Better than its competitors paripoorna , gramiyaa & gramiyum in this industry

Purchased coconut oil, sesame oil and pure cow ghee from varam shop online.I was really amazed by their quality & price. I am looking forward to buying coconut oil and sesame oil everytime.Buying oils from Varam is definitely worth every penny we spend.The customer service and delivery was also great!!

Bought coconut oil and sesame oil online from Varam.The chekku oils(coconut oil and sesame oil) were delivered free of cost on the next day with great packaging.And the quality of the oils needs no mention as they are second to none.Nice Work!!

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Have been looking for pure cold pressed chekku oils in chennai . I came across varam in adyar and purchased online. On time delivery with excellent service. I recommend this cold pressed chekku oil for organic people.

Good Android app We can save our time and money. I got my products on time and all millets are also fresh as i thought. I love this app.

Really good !!! Excellent customer care service. I am happy with the way online orders are delivered & the way the issues are handled. Very useful.

Nice Easy to navigate and quick response when I had an issue with my order.. thank u varam ????.Top chekku ennai in chennai

I visited Varam Oils shop in Adyar, Chennai to see how the oils are extracted before i could buy.I was really amazed by the amount of cleanliness they have while extracting the oils. I bought cold pressed Sesame oil and Cow ghee directly.Both cow ghee and Wood pressed sesame oil were of great taste. I am planning to purchase their products online going forward

Ordered chekku cold pressed Sesame oil, cold pressed coconut oil and cow ghee on 15th December by 2 pm in chennai. I thought that it would take 3 days for me to get the cold pressed chekku oils.But i was really surprised when i got a message that it would be delivered the next day morning.And as assured they have delivered me nicely packed wood Pressed Sesame oil, wood Pressed Coconut oil and Pure Cow ghee.

Came upon the advertisement and downloaded Varam Oils App on android for cold pressed chekku oils. The app was very user friendly.So i ordered cold pressed Sesame oil and cold pressed groundnut oil.U guys are having a great customer service and maintain a great quality in wood pressed Gingelly oil and chekku groundnut oil. keep up the good work!!

Went on to google for Best Cold Pressed chekku Oils with free shipping and affordable cost.I saw Varam Oils in search and entered the website . I have got satisfied with the price of Cold Pressed Sesame oil & Other Cold Pressed oils . Also it is great to see Millets,Cow ghee also available at affordable cost . They are offering Cold Pressed chekku oils with free shipping in chennai that is awesome.Keep up the great work !!!!

I have purchased Cold Pressed Sesame Oil in Varam Oils App . The quality is simply great and delivers at right time . I have started using Cold Pressed Sesame Oil . I have never seen thick Fresh wood pressed Sesame oil anywhere . It is very pure and tastes great .I will definitely buy Wood Pressed Chekku Sesame Oils only at Varam Oils App for their Quality and Hazzle free Delivery Services .

Thanks for delivering the much needed Marachekku ennai in chennai with high quality within a day.The SMS service you provide for keeping the customers informed is really impressive!!This is the Best Cold Pressed Oil i have tasted till now.

I really liked the flavor of groundnut and coconut chekku oil. Cashews & cow ghee were also good. I would love to see more items like sugar, jaggery powder and other chekku oil like Castor oil. It seems also dals & pulses is new arrival on store.Beats the other online oil stores like paripoorna , gramiyum , gramiyaa etc.,

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Ordered a trial pack of the three oils,my parents were surprised by product they told me that this is thepure organic oil they have ever seen,my mother said that the gingelly oil reminded of her childhood days when she could get pure chekku oil like yours.We are a regular customer of yours now.Your products are genuine and they represent our tamil tradition.Hope you would maintain the authenticity of your highly esteemed product till the end.

Varam Oils is one of the few shops in chennai which provides pure cow ghee. The ghee delivered was of high quality and packing was also good.You are doing a great job similar to what AnandhaGrocery does in Online grocery shopping in coimbatore..If you feel high pricing on paripoorna , gramiyaa or gramiyum . Go for it

I bought Chekku ennai from Varam Oils shop and could say that it is the best chekku ennai we could get in chennai. Great job. You are doing an awsome job like what AnandhaGrocery does in online grocery shopping in coimbatore.

The people who work for the company always tend to be sincere & especially when they communicate with you via whats app as well .This is the Lowest Chekku oil price in Chennai

Amazing service ,shoppers have been fantastic! Also They communicate quickly & door deliveries have been on time.Great service! I highly recommend it..Comparatively better than paripoornaoil

Introverts dream come true. I hate lines hate em. I can stay home & do nothing cause that is my dream. Do you have dreams of doing nothing but have to go shopping? Varam Oils shop is your way of having all your dreams come true

I've waited a long time for this service in my area. Love the easy app and how they notify you as they go. So Online shopping at my leisure...I like Varam Oils for its pricing compared to paripoorna.

This Online ecommerce website & app is super easy to use, I love that it includes locally-owned grocery stores. I have a super busy schedule; being able to schedule deliveries ahead of time helps me make sure to buy groceries instead of eating outside foods.

Incredibly convenient! I live in Chennai so I don't usually like to hit city traffic to shop. I use Varam Oils for my cooking Wood pressed oil / chekku oil most of the time! The personal shoppers all have been great so far, & the customer service has been excellent overall.

Convenience Online shopping store Love it. Great app. Quick delivery. Cheap price. Wish to see more different stores available...Last month i have purchased through paripoorna , now i moved to Varam Oils because of quality & price

Great way to get what you need from stores like millets,chekku oil,cow ghee and more without having to go to the store. Give it a try at Varam Oils for this organic cooking oils & you will never leaves this again.

It's not perfect, but it is life changing. I love this wood pressed oil store in chennai. Their customer service is great if you have any problems with replacement items or anything else really. And you can talk to your shopper as they shop which is super helpful.

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I have been searching in google for chekku oil price in chennai and found Varam Oils at top of search .I can say this online shopping website is best for cooking oils / wood pressed chekku oil in chennai.

Looking forward to buy wood pressed or cold pressed oils(groundnut ennai,gingelly oil and coconut chekku ennai) every month in Varam Oils.Was buying in paripoorna previously but with high price , i found Varam Oils as best choice.

Taste & Quality at its best. Prepared much hygienically and health wise at its best. You can have a walk into the chekku oil plant before getting. Happy that nowadays people are going back to vedic times for leading an healthy life.

Good one for online. Anyway the quality to be found to be satisfactory after the receipt of the orders.Stands Top in the Competition of Gramiyum , Paripoorna , gramiyaa & other online stores.

You value the feedback from customers very much. The best part is you act on it. This places Varam Oils adyar is unique compared to gramiyum , paripoorna & standard stores.

Great ! Tried it for the first time today . Its good express delivery is fast & the Products were super fresh . The only thing i felt is that minimum amount for free home delivery shouldn't be ₹1000 its very much high and you could also save paper by only emailing the bills . Not giving the printed ones !

Great app, great service The new ui is very good, especially loved the easy access to products bought earlier and offers.I have made purchase from USA.

Previously I used to place an order via online but this is the first time I am using Varam Oils Android app and it's good

Varam Oils Shop. A Wow Online experience. Thanks Varam Oils. Started exploring App. Happy initial experience. Looking forward to shop more on Varam Oils Shop. Please always maintain the quality & pricing to find loyal customers in us. All the very best.

Loved the express delivery thing. So far I am happy with this Varam Oils app :)..Best Marachekku ennai in chennai

Very convenient A very convenient app. The quality of products is good. Rates are affordable pricing as far as online shopping.

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Ordered home made ayurvedic soap and chekku oil online as they offer same day delivery near me in chennai. They delivered wood pressed oil and soap on same day evening. Packing and quality was also nice.

Bought moringa honey, chekku groundnut oil and wood pressed gingelly oil from varam as the shop is near me in Adyar. The honey and wood pressed oil seems really pure and hygienic.

My neighbour suggested to buy cow ghee from varamshop.com as she has already bought and was satisfied. I was not able to find pure ghee near me, so i ordered cow ghee and chekku oil online here. The quality was good and i would like to purchase regularly going forward.

I am purchasing all herbal items like rock salt, cow ghee, honey, wood pressed virgin coconut oil, mara chekku oils and millets for the past 3 years. Their quality is always consistent and topnotch.

I really like their customer service and quality. So i am regularly purchasing ragi millets, chekku oils,organic nattu sakkarai and wood pressed oils from them. Though the shop is near me i would usually order online as they are delivering on same day.

I am a regular customer of varam shop and purchasing wood pressed oils (marachekku ennai) from them every month since they started their shop in Adayar. The quality and service is consistent since their inception of shop

I am taking ayurvedic medication for which i needed pure honey as the cure also depends on the quality of honey. I am purchasing honey from Varam shop since i tested them and they are pure. I also purchase Wood Pressed Oil (marachekku oil) from them for our daily needs. keep up the good work guys!!

My dietician has suggested me to take almonds every day as part of my diet. I tried in many places but not satisfied by the quality. Since i usually purchase wood pressed oils (chekku ennai) from varam shop, i tried almond from them one day and purchasing regularly since then.

Couple of years back i visited the varam shop at Adayar and was impressed with the hygenic and public display of processing of wood pressed oil (mara chekku ennai). I have started to purchase from them since then and their quality is pretty consistent till today.

I am based out of chennai, but currently living abroad. I use to book organic Cow ghee and wood pressed oil from amazon for my parents in Chennai. But they didn't like the quality. So i tried marachekku ennai and cow ghee from varamshop.com. My parents liked it and i am ordering regularly now.

With the increasing number of chekku oil companies in Chennai, It is really difficult to identify the company who provide pure wood pressed oil (gingelly oil, coconut oil & groundnut oil) which is prepared hygenically and without any adulterations. After visiting varam shop in adayar and looking at their preparation mechanism, i am pleased and buying chekku oil from them nowadays

We Usually use Sunflower oil for our regular cooking preparations. Thought of trying out with cold pressed sunflower oil from varam instead of the regular refined oils due to the health benefits. The wood pressed oil delivered from varam has better aroma, quality and stands apart from refined sunflower oils. I am using it for our regular cooking nowadays.

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